Making (Perfect) World:

Harbour, Hong Kong, Alienated Cities and Dreams

Collateral event of the 53rd International Art Exhibition - La Biennale di Venezia
The Hong Kong Arts Development Council (ADC) is pleased to present the exhibition “Making (Perfect) World: Harbour, Hong Kong, Alienated Cities and Dreams” featuring the works of local artist Pak Sheung Chuen at the 53rd International Art Exhibition - La Biennale di Venezia running from June to November 2009. The exhibition is curated by Mr Tobias Berger (in association with Para/Site Art Space).

This is the fifth time for the ADC to present the works of Hong Kong visual artists in an international arts arena, with an aim to enhance exchange and communication between Hong Kong and other countries in the world.

“Making (Perfect) World: Harbour, Hong Kong, Alienated Cities and Dreams” is a series of Pak Sheung Chuen’s new works specially produced for the site and context of the Biennale, in addition to a selection of his past works. Pak’s presentation will focus on two major trajectories - his constant quest and negotiation for a better self-understanding with everyday (Hong Kong) society, and the possibility of adaptation in the face of alienated cultures and countries –Venice in Italy.


Expanding on his visual ideology, the exhibition will be conceptually divided into four sections - Harbour, Hong Kong, Alienated Cities and Dreams - which merge and resonate with each other to form a cohesive whole. In Harbour, Pak expands on ordinary life by transforming trivial objects into poignant artworks with his leaping imagination. In Hong Kong, Pak communicates a personal or communal understanding of life’s absurdness, aspired by the contradictions, superficial and meaningless objects scattered across the city. By isolating himself from his familiar territory, Pak repositions himself in Alienated Cities to develop his personal experiences and awareness through unfamiliar streetscapes, languages and cultures. The final theme, Dreams, conceptualises itself through a combination of memories of the past and imaginations for the future, bridging and fulfilling the loss of our collective innocence and desires.

Pak will foster an atmospheric space for contemplation, where no predetermined interpretation is given, enabling viewers to engage in a long-lasting experience. The exhibition will present a series of propositions to conceive and realise dreams for the unknown future.

The ADC has taken part in the International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia with presentations of contemporary art from Hong Kong, China since 2001. The total number of visitors of the past four exhibitions amounts to 200,000.
This year, the exhibition is situated at a prime location adjacent to the main exhibition area - Arsenale, Campo della Tana, Castello 2126 - 30122 Venezia. It opens daily from 10:00 to 18:00 (except Tuesdays), 7 June – 22 November.

The Venice Biennale, a world-renowned visual arts exhibition, was first held in 1895. This year, the exhibition attracts over 90 artists from different cities and countries including the Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau.

For project details including curator’s statement, artists’ brief and images, please download at:

Press inquiries: please contact Ms Wendy Tso, Corporate Communications Manager, at 2820 1031 or Ms Yuko Cheung, Senior Arts Promotion Officer, at 2820 1008.

Open to the public: 7 June – 22 november 2009; opening hours 10.00 – 18.00 (closed on Tuesdays)
Venue: Arsenale, Campo della Tana, Castello 2126-30122 Venice
Organizator: Hong Kong Arts Development Council
Web Site: /
Coordinator in Venice: Arte Communications


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