China officially opened the world’s longest sea bridge which crosses the Pearl River Delta to link Hong Kong with Macau and the mainland Chinese city of Zhuhai.

In 2001 PDG Arte Communications launched a long-lasting cultural bridge between Hong Kong and Macau in the Venice Biennale.



The project, which includes sections of bridge and artificial islands linked by a four-mile tunnel west of Hong Kong’s airport, went billions of dollars over budget and was delayed by two years. Chinese officials expect the bridge to significantly cut driving time between the two sides of the Pearl River, helping to achieve their vision of a Greater Bay Area, as China calls the effort to knit the region’s cities more closely.

Plans for the opening ceremony were announced just days beforehand, apparently timed to coincide with Mr. Xi’s first trip to the southern province of Guangdong in nearly six years. Mr. Xi’s contribution to the opening event, on an artificial island holding Zhuhai’s port facilities, was modest.

PDG Arte Communications
is glad to inform you
the Board of La Biennale di Venezia appointed 

Ralph Rugoff 
as Director of the Visual Arts Department
with specific responsibility for curating the 58th International Art Exhibition (2019).


The dates of the Biennale Arte 2019 are: May 11th to November 24th, 2019; Press Preview May 8th, 9th, and 10th; opening to the public on Saturday, May 11th.
The Biennale Arte 2017
regirested over 615,000 visitors
and it has been the most visited exhibition in Italy for months. 


After this great success 
we are planning the 2019 edition 

and we are at your disposal to provide more information according to our long lasting experience 
in coordinating 118 exhibition in the Venice Biennale. 




Ralph Rugoff has been the Director of the Hayward Gallery of London since 2006. Opened in 1968, the Hayward Gallery is considered one of the most leading public art galleries in the United Kingdom; it is part of the Southbank Centre, Europe's largest arts centre that receives major funding by the Arts Council of England. Rugoff was the Artistic Director of the XIII Biennale de Lyon in 2015 titled La vie moderne. Between 1985 and 2002 he wrote art and cultural criticism for numerous periodicals, publishing widely in art magazines as well as newspapers, includingArtforum, Artpresse, FlashArt, Frieze, Parkett, Grand Street, The Financial Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Los Angeles Weekly and published a collection of essays, Circus Americanus (1995), in which he explored cultural phenomena of the American West. During the same period he began working as an independent curator, organizing exhibitions such as Just Pathetic (1990) andScene of the Crime (1997). A former Director (2000-06) of CCA Wattis Institute, at California College of the Arts in San Francisco, he has curated numerous group shows at the Hayward Gallery over the past 11 years, including The Painting of Modern Life (2007), Psycho Buildings(2008), an exhibition that included interactive and immersive installations by artists such as Mike Nelson, Gelitin and Do-ho Suh; and The Infinite Mix (2016); he also has curated important retrospectives and solo exhibitions by Ed Ruschka, Jeremy Deller, Carsten Holler, Tracey Emin and George Condo.


President Baratta stated that "the appointment of Ralph Rugoff confirms the Biennale's primary goal, to qualify the Exhibition as a place of encounter between the visitors, the art and the artists. An Exhibition engaging the viewers directly with the artworks in such a way that memory, the unexpected, the possible provocation, the new and the different can stimulate their visions, their minds and their emotions, and offer them the opportunity for a direct experience.


Ralph Rugoff has declared “I am absolutely thrilled with this appointment. The Venice Biennale is the oldest and most prestigious exhibition of its kind internationally and I am really looking forward to taking on this new challenge.”



PDG Arte Communications 
is proud to announce that 
Pavilions and the Collateral Events
registered a total of  
560.000 visitors 

The exhibitions will be opened until 26th November 2017

Eve Ariza Murmuri

Venue: Istituto S. Maria della Pietà, Castello 3701
Opening hours: 10.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m. – Closed on Monday
Murmuri, is a reflection on universal language, an in-depth study of changes in material and the origins of form and sound. Eve Ariza works on reproducing the bowl as a container of truth and a sensory experience through its natural resonance. She purposely tears its base to reveal a mouth-like shape, thus transforming its essence and dismissing its conventional use.

UNDER ONE SUN. The Art of Living Together
HYPNOTICA, Elvin Nabizade

Venue: Palazzo Lezze, Campo S. Stefano
Opening hours: 10.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m. – Closed on Monday
The metaphorical title UNDER ONE SUN. The Art of Living Together, explains the subjects of this exhibition, focusing on the cultural and ethnical diversity in Azerbaijan. It is mostly about the tolerance that has developed among these groups over the years. At the same time, however, it sends a hidden message about the challenges they are facing in order to maintain peace.

Speeded Up Nature
Michael Lalljee, Robert Rauschenberg, SEO, Jacques Désiré Wong So

Venue: Istituto S. Maria della Pietà, Castello 3701
Opening hours: 10.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m. – Closed on Monday

‘Art is nature speeded up and God slowed down’
‘Man and nature are entirely continuous, and… all parts of the human body and all expressions of the human face, can… be discerned in plants, flowers, and fruits…And… in minerals, especially when they are in motion.’
Malcolm de Chazal

Chimeddorj Shagdarjav, Munkhbolor Ganbold, Enkhtaivan Ochirbat,
Bolortuvshin Jargalsaikhan, Davaajargal Tsaschikher

Venue: Istituto S. Maria della Pietà, Castello 3701
Opening hours: 10.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m. – Closed on Monday

Through film, installation, sculpture and sound, the artists from across generations, question Mongolia’s future. The exhibition alludes to human nature and its effect upon society and the environment. While the context is uniquely Mongolian, the impacts are global and universal.nainst power is the struggle of memory against 'oblivion".
The goal of the Karachi Biennale is to bring art into public spaces by generating awareness, engagement and public involvement through projects that interact with the spectator to create a democratic and accessible platform.

Songs for Disaster Relief
Venue: Arsenale (opposite the Biennale entrance), Campo della Tana
Opening hours: 10 am to 6 pm

Young created a new body of work that attempts to reframe the popularity of “charity singles” —purpose-made recordings for charitable causes, featuring super-group artists—as historic "events" and a culturally transformative moments in time. A perceived strangeness in the setup left a mark on Samson’s consciousness, setting him on a journey of rediscovery that informs this exhibition.

A Bonsai of My Dream - Works by WONG CHENG POU
Exhibit from Macao, China

Venue: Arsenale (opposite the Biennale entrance), Campo della Tana
Opening hours: 10 am to 6 pm
The exhibition draws from the idea of literati in ancient China who planted miniatures in small pots to project their pursuit of quiet and contemplative live of reclusion, suggesting an pessimistic way for counteracting inevitable conflict and contradictory.






Resi Girardello - Swinging Tides
Curated by Paolo De Grandis

in collaboration with Carlotta Scarpa
Until 7th January 2018
Hotel Savoia & Jolanda, Riva degli Schiavoni 4187


DACHAN World Tour Exhibition | Rome – Venice
Curated by Paolo De Grandis and Astrid Narguet  

Scoletta dei Battioro e Tiraoro



Art Among the People
Curated by Paolo De Grandis

Selected Artists:
Yoko Ono, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Sarah Revoltella, Max Papeschi,
Marco Nereo Rotelli, Elisabetta di Sopra, Federico Nero and the video artists from Hybrid Suite selection – MIH Made In Heaven, Candy Candy/Patrizia Chianese, Laura Federici – curated by Claudio Crescentini.

STILLS OF PEACE Italy - China  
Yahon Chang Impromptu

Curated by Paolo De Grandis, Maria Rus Bojan, Francise Chang

Scuderie Ducali di Palazzo Acquaviva


Artist: Eve Ariza
Commissioner: Miriam Ambatlle
Curators: Javier Balmaseda, Ivan Sansa, Paolo De Grandis
Coordinator in Venice: Carlotta Scarpa, PDG Arte Communications
Venue: Istituto S. Maria della Pietà, Castello 3701
Under One Sun The Art of Living Together

Curators: Prof.Dr. Martin Roth, Emin Mammadov
Advisor: Dr. Shirin Y. Melikova
Participants: HYPNOTICA Visual Performance Group, Elvin Nabizade
Coordinators: Narmina Khalilova, Ekaterina Tasheva, Ulviyya Aliyeva, 
Farhad Boyukzada
Coordinators in Venice: Paolo De Grandis, Carlotta Scarpa, 
PDG Arte Communications
Venue: Palazzo Lezze, Campo S. Stefano, San Marco 2949




Commissioner: Thivynaidoo Perumal Naiken, National Art Gallery, 
Ministry of Arts and Culture, The Republic of Mauritius
Curator: Olga Jürgenson
Executor: Krishna Luchoomun
Exhibitors: Michael Lalljee, Robert Rauschenberg, SEO,
Jacques Desiré Wong So
Coordinator in Venice: PDG Arte Communications

Venue: Instituto Santa Maria della Pietà, Castello 3701, Venezia

Lost in Tngri (Lost in Heaven)

Participants: Chimeddorj Shagdarjav, Munkhbolor Ganbold, Enkhtaivan Ochirbat,
Bolortuvshin Jargalsaikhan, Davaajargal Tsaschikher
Commissioner: Munkh-Orgil Tsend, the Minister of Foreign Affairs
Curator: Dalkh-Ochir Yondonjunai
Organizer: Mongolian Contemporary Art Support Association
Project Director: Gantuya Badamgarav
Artistic Advisor: Tessa Jackson
Supporters: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ulaanbaatar City Government
Supporters in Venice: PDG Arte Communications, Valorizzazioni Culturali
Sponsors: MIAT - Mongolian Airlines, Xac Bank, Erel Group,
Monnis Group, Max Group,

Shangri-La Ulaanbaatar LLC, Monre Insurance,
Mahoney Liotta, Bats Urguu and other

private entities and individuals
Venue: Istituto Santa Maria della Pietà, Castello 3701


A Bonsai of My Dream: Wong Cheng Pou

Promoter: The Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Macao S.A.R. Government, The Macao Museum of Art
Curator: Ng Fong Chao Noah
Commissioner: Paolo De Grandis
Coordinators: Carlotta Scarpa, Francesca Romana Greco
PDG Arte Communications
Supporters: Cheong Kin Lok, Lam Keng Un, Lao Chok Nam,
Leong Fei In, Sam Hou In,
Wong Cheuk Wing Benjamin
Venue: Campo della Tana, Castello 2126/A

Samson Young Songs for Disaster Relief  

Co-presented by M+ and Hong Kong Arts Development Council
Guest Curator: Ying Kwok
Consulting Curator: Doryun Chong
Coordinator in Venice: PDG Arte Communications
Campo della Tana, Castello 2126


LINA CONDES Extra terrestrial Odyssey
in parallel to the BIENNALE ARTE

Curators: Paolo De Grandis, Magdalena Gabriel, Tamara Li /
The International Association of Art Critics affiliated with UNESCO
Coordinator: Carlotta Scarpa, PDG Arte Comunications
Venue: Palazzo Pisani - Conservatorio Benedetto Marcello, Campo S. Stefano, San Marco 2810


From La Biennale di Venezia & OPEN to MACRO.

International Perspectives #4
LI CHEVALIER Trajectory of Desire

Curated by Paolo De Grandis and Claudio Crescentini

MACRO Testaccio – La Pelanda


From la Biennale di Venezia & OPEN to MACRO.
International Perspectives #5 |
Alessandro Verdi Sulla Pelle della Pittura

Curated by Paolo De Grandis and Claudio Crescentini

MACRO Testaccio – La Pelanda


From La Biennale di Venezia & OPEN to MACRO.
International Perspectives #6  
Adonis and Marco Nereo Rotelli Poetry

Curated by Paolo De Grandis and Claudio Crescentini
MACRO Testaccio – La Pelanda



Karachi Tribune - Article on Paolo De Grandis

Karachi Tribune - Article on Paolo De Grandis

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