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54th International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale – Macao, China

Call for Exhibit Proposals

 11/01 - 27/02/2011




The 54th International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale is scheduled to run from 4th

June to 27th November 2011 in Venice, Italy, with Swedish Bice Curiger the curator.


The Macao Museum of Art under the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau was first invited to attend the Venice Biennale in 2007, when it presented in the name of ‘Macao, China’, attracting wide attention. This year marks Macao’s third participation in the Venice Biennale, with the purpose of promoting Macao’s contemporary art and displaying outstanding and unique images of artistic works by Macao artists in the international arena. For this purpose, the Museum now calls on interested parties to submit their exhibit proposals for the 54th International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale.


Conditions of Submission


1. Candidates must possess a valid permanent Macao resident ID.


2. Exhibit proposals to be submitted must be original and unpublished.


Theme of Exhibition


‘Mobility & Memory’ is the theme for the call of submissions from Macao artists wishing to participate in the 54th International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale. The 21st Century is a ‘mobile’ era; in the new globalised economic system the idea of ‘mobility’ becomes both incredibly easy and also necessary, resulting in a new mode of living. The development of society has thus created various changes and the intensity and frequency of the replenishment of the old with the new is much heightened. An enormous number of old buildings are torn down and what the new buildings represent is not only a new image of the city but new spatial politics and a rewritten geo-culture.


How do people face the disposal of old values and the cutting off of their past cultural history? How do people living in a state of continuous mobility confront the passing of time and the orgotten memories of self? How does one re-produce individual memories and emotions? Apart from the great chronicles of history, how will soon-to-be flattened individual styles and characteristics be transcribed? Artists are usually the group with the most acute sensibility: the source of artistic creation comes from where artists are living at the moment.


Documents Required


1. Candidates may choose to submit work on either an individual or group basis.


2. A photocopy of both sides of the candidate’s Macao Permanent Resident ID on A4 paper and a recent 1.5 x 1.5 inch photo of the candidate must be submitted.


3. The Exhibit Proposal, clearly stating the concept pertaining to the exhibit and exhibition venue, must include (1) title of proposal (2) concept of exhibit (3) display arrangement for exhibition venue, including sketches, simulated images and photos (4) a list of materials used for display and any related costs.


4. Candidate’s resume - either in Chinese and English or Portuguese and English - and published documents about previous exhibits, including photos and text for reference, must be submitted.


5. The proposal shall be submitted in Chinese and English or in Portuguese and English.


6. The proposal shall be submitted as a hard copy on A4 paper.


7. The proposal shall be submitted to the Reception Desk of the Macao Museum of Art (located on the first floor) before 6: 00 pm on 27th February 2011 (Sunday).


Selection Procedure


1. The Macao Museum of Art will invite renowned critics, scholars and curators from both Macao and overseas to form a judging panel (list of panel members will be published on the official Museum website). Candidates who are selected for final review will be invited to present their proposals in person.


2. The judging panel will select approximately 12 works, the best three or four of which will be featured at the 54th International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale under the name of Macao. All selected works will be publicly displayed on the second floor of the Macao Museum of Art in May 2011.




Selected artists will be invited to travel to Venice for the 54th International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale for the setup of exhibits, the opening ceremony of the Macao exhibition and other related activities. Depending upon actual circumstances, the Macao Museum of Art will subsidise each selected artist/group to a maximum of MOP 80,000 for partial coverage of production costs and reimburse each selected artist with a fixed transportation cost for the trip between Macao and Venice as well as partial costs associated with accommodation and dining. If a selected work is a group production, the Museum will subsidise a maximum of one member of the relevant group to attend the Venice Biennale.


Regulations Available for Pick-up


Regulations, application forms and floor plan of exhibition venue are available for pick-up at the Reception Desk of the Macao Museum of Art (located on the first floor), and are available for download from the official Museum website at www.artmuseum.gov.mo.


Address: Av. Xian Xing Hai S/N NAPE Macao


Opening Hours: 10:00am – 6.30pm, closed on Mondays


Tel: (853) 8791 9833 / Mr. Ng


Tel: (853) 8791 9832 / Ms. Lam


Email: vbmacao@iacm.gov.mo




1. The Macao Museum of Art will purchase insurance for selected works for exhibition during transportation and display. Each work will be insured to a maximum of MOP 200,000. Should the exhibited work be damaged, the artist will discuss with the insurance company regarding compensation claimed.


2. The Macao Museum of Art reserves the right to use the images of the exhibited works for advertising, promotion, study and publication purposes.


3. Non-selected submissions will not be returned.


4. The size of selected works and display plans must comply with the relevant regulations of the exhibition venue in Venice; accordingly, candidates may be required to modify their exhibits.


5. The Macao Museum of Art reserves the right of final judgment should these regulations be

contravened by entrants.


6. The decision of the judging panel is final and candidates may not raise objections.


7. To ensure fair and impartial judgment, staff members of the Macao Museum of Art and their direct relatives may not make submissions.


8. The Macao Museum of Art reserves the right of final interpretation of these regulations.


For more information, please visit the official website of the 54th International Art Exhibition 

Venice Biennale at www.labiennale.org.


Extract from:

Office for Contemporary Art Norway

Office for Contemporary Art Norway announces Norway at the 54th Biennale di Venezia

'The State of Things': 
A Series of Public Lectures in Venice

June–November 2011


'Beyond Death: Viral Discontents and Contemporary Notions about AIDS':
An M.A. Teaching Programme at Iuav led by Bjarne Melgaard

February–May 2011 



About 'The State of Things': *
At the end of World War I when a series of citizenship laws across Europe resulted in masses of refugees on the continent, Norwegian diplomat and explorer Fridtjof Nansen created the Nansen Passport
an identity card issued by the League of Nations in 1922 that enabled refugees to move across borders in search of political and intellectual shelter. Reflecting upon the principles of the Nansen Passport today, the Office for Contemporary Art Norway (OCA), as commissioner of Norway's representation at the 54th Biennale di Venezia, organises 'The State of Things', a series of public lectures that will be held throughout the Biennale period.

The lectures will reflect upon themes such as Europe, diversity, the environment, peace-making, human rights, capital, sustainability, migration, asylum, aesthetics and war. Each presentation aims to tackle the 'state of things' today, drawing from the speakers' fields of activity and research, and from what they consider the intellectual and political priorities of today. The programme will commence at Venice's Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti in the days leading up to the official opening of the Venice Biennale as follows: 

Wednesday, 1 June / 17:00
Jacques Rancière
Professor Emeritus at the Université de Paris VIII, Saint-Denis, France and Professor of Philosophy at the European Graduate School in Saas-Fee, Switzerland, Rancière has focused his research on emancipatory politics, aesthetics and the relationship between aesthetics and politics. 

Thursday, 2 June / 11:00
Leo Bersani
Professor Emeritus at the University of California, Berkeley, California, Bersani has worked on 19th- and 20th-century literature, psychoanalysis and the visual arts, as well as general cultural criticism. 

Friday, 3 June / 10:00
Vandana Shiva 
Founder of the Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Natural Resource Policy in India, Shiva is a prolific author, philosopher, environmental activist and eco-feminist who advises the International Forum on Globalization and the Women's Environment and Development Organisation. 

Friday, 3 June / 11:00
Jan Egeland
Director of the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs and Co-Chair of the High-Level Taskforce for the Global Framework for Climate Services, Egeland is an active participant in humanitarian, human rights and peacekeeping processes in an international context. 

June – November 2011
Confirmed speakers for the continuing programme include architectural theorist Eyal Weizman on Thursday, 30 June, gender theorist Judith Butler on Thursday, 21 July, media theorist and activist Franco Berardi on Thursday, 8 September, and concluding with a presentation by art historian T.J. Clark on Friday, 25 November.

About 'Beyond Death: Viral Discontents and Contemporary Notions about AIDS':
Norwegian artist Bjarne Melgaard will serve as Guest Professor for the Graduate Programme of Visual Arts at the Faculty of Design and Arts, Università Iuav di Venezia, organising 'Beyond Death: Viral Discontents and Contemporary Notions about AIDS,' an M.A. course that will look at the history and present of the AIDS crisis, and its reflection within contemporary art and discourse. With reference to the work of theorists such as Leo Bersani, Guy Hocquenghem and Lee Edelman, writers such as James Robert Baker and artists such as David Wojnarowicz, Melgaard will study, from the perspective of his artistic practice, how AIDS has shaped responses in the artistic and cultural sector, as well as behaviour and responses within a wider social and political context. The programme will include the participation of Leo Bersani as a Guest Lecturer. The M.A. course will commence in February 2011, and conclude in May 2011. 

About the Office for Contemporary Art Norway (OCA): 
Norway's representation in Venice in 2011 is commissioned by OCA and organised by its director, Marta Kuzma and its associate curator, Pablo Lafuente, together with Peter Osborne, director of the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy at Kingston University, London. The teaching programme was developed in cooperation with Angela Vettese, director of the Graduate Programme of Visual Arts, Università Iuav di Venezia.

* Definitive lecture topics of the individual speakers will be confirmed in April 2011.
Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti is located in Campo S. Stefano, 2945, Venice, at the Accademia vaporetto stop, lines no.1 and 2. Additional venues will be confirmed closer to the time — please check OCA's website.



Extract from: January 19, 2011









54. Esposizione Internazionale d’Arte ILLUMInazioni – ILLUMInations 
Diretta da Curiger, Venezia (Giardini, Arsenale) 4 giugno – 27 novembre 2011

Vernice 1, 2 e 3 giugno 2011

Il Presidente della Biennale di Venezia, Paolo Baratta, accompagnato dal Direttore della 54. Esposizione Internazionale d’Arte, Bice Curiger, ha incontrato oggi a Ca’ Giustinian i rappresentanti dei Paesi invitati, fra cui per la prima volta sono presenti Andorra, Arabia Saudita, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Ruanda, nonché Congo e India, presenti l’ultima volta rispettivamente nel 1968 e 1980.

La 54. Esposizione Internazionale d’Arte si svolgerà dal 4 giugno al 27 novembre 2011 ai Giardini e all’Arsenale (vernice 1, 2 e 3 giugno 2011),nonché in vari luoghi di Venezia. 

Il titolo scelto da Bice Curiger per la 54. Esposizione Internale d’Arte è ILLUMInazioni. 

Spiega Bice Curiger:
«La Biennale è uno dei più importanti forum per la conoscenza e l’“illuminazione” dei nuovi sviluppi dell’arte internazionale.
Il titolo della 54. Esposizione, ILLUMInazioni letteralmente “punta i riflettori” sull’importanza di questi sviluppi in un mondo globalizzato.
Mi interessa in modo particolare l’ansia di molti artisti contemporanei di stabilire un dialogo intenso con colui che guarda l’opera, e di sfidare le convenzioni con cui si guarda l’arte contemporanea.
Il lavoro del pittore veneziano Tintoretto giocherà un importante ruolo simbolico in ILLUMInazioni.Trovo in molti artisti (quelli che mi interessano di più) dell’arte contemporanea quella stessa ricerca della luce, a un tempo razionale e febbrile, che anima alcune opere del tardo Tintoretto, e l’ansia di un rapporto forte con lo spettatore.
Anche Tintoretto aveva la preoccupazione di andare al di là delle convenzioni del proprio tempo, puntando diretto alla mente e all’emotività.
Mi interessa la luce di quei quadri, che non è una luce razionale, ma è una luce estatica.
La presenza di Tintoretto servirà anche a stabilire una connessione artistica, storica ed emotiva con Venezia.
Il termine “nazioni” di ILLUMInazioni si associa metaforicamente ai recenti sviluppi nell’arte in tutto il mondo, dove si formano gruppi di artisti che rappresentano un’ampia varietà di più piccole e locali attività e tendenze. Inoltre sono favorevole a una Biennale con i Padiglioni, poiché rappresenta un’occasione straordinaria di dialogo tra gli artisti.
L’Arsenale mi offre una singolare opportunità di creare dei “para-Padiglioni”, coniugando opere di artisti che usano lo spazio, e opere di artisti che saranno esposte in quello spazio.
Talvolta si è parlato di “anacronismo” rispetto ai Padiglioni della Biennale, che sono invece strumento di riflessione dell’identità. Così voglio rafforzare questo senso di unità tra la Mostra internazionale e le Partecipazioni nazionali, ponendo 5 domande agli artisti di tutti i Paesi, nonché agli artisti di ILLUMInazioni:

  • Dove ti senti “a casa”?
  • Il futuro parla in inglese o in quale altra lingua?
  • La comunità dell’arte è una “nazione”?
  • Quante nazioni senti dentro di te?
  • Se l’arte fosse una nazione, cosa ci sarebbe scritto nella sua Costituzione?»

La 54. Esposizione Internazionale d’Arte della Biennale di Venezia presenterà, come di consueto, le Partecipazioni nazionali con proprie mostre negli storici Padiglioni ai Giardini, oltre che nel centro storico di Venezia. 

Anche per questa edizione si prevedono selezionati Eventi collaterali, proposti da enti e istituzioni internazionali, che allestiranno le loro mostre e le loro iniziative a Venezia in concomitanza con la 54. Esposizione. 

Venezia, 20 ottobre 2010  

Bice Curiger. Cenni biografici

Laureata all’Università di Zurigo, Bice Curiger è storica dell’arte, critica e curatrice di mostre a livello internazionale. Dal 1993 è curatrice alla Kunsthaus di Zurigo, uno dei musei più importanti al mondo per l’arte moderna e contemporanea, che sviluppa da anni uno dei programmi espositivi di maggior rilievo internazionale. Bice Curiger è cofondatrice e capo redattrice di “Parkett”, rivista di arte contemporanea fra le più autorevoli e innovative al mondo, pubblicata a Zurigo e New York dal 1984. Dal 2004 è direttrice editoriale della rivista “Tate etc” della Tate Gallery di Londra.E’ autrice di diverse pubblicazioni di arte contemporanea, tra le quali “The Collected Writings” (Lindinger+Schmid, Regensburg, 2002), “Looks and tenebrae” (Peter Blum Editions, New York e Zurigo, 1983), monografia su Meret Oppenheim (1913-1985) “Spuren durchstandener Freiheit” (ABC Publisher, Zurigo, 1982, traduzione inglese nel 1990, MIT Press, Boston). 

La 54. Esposizione Internazionale d’Arte si terrà dal 4 giugno al 27 novembre 2011
Pre-vernissage 31 maggio 2011  
Vernissage 1-2-3  giugno
Inaugurazione 3 giugno 2011 
Apertura al pubblico dal 4 giugno al 27 novembre

Giardini e Arsenale chiusi il lunedì (esclusi lunedì 6 giugno, 15 agosto e 21 novembre 2011)

Tratto da: www.labiennale.org, 20 | 10 | 2010


NEW YORK – VENEZIA – CUBA: Between Myth and Legend 

Dal 24 novembre al 10 dicembre 2010  

Vernissage 26 novembre 2010 dalle ore 18.00 alle 20.30
Presentazione di Paolo De Grandis  

3145 – San Marco – vaporetto fermata San Samuele linea 2
a pochissimi passi da Palazzo Grassi nella via dell’arte  



La 54 Esposizione Internazionale d'Arte inaugura il 3 giugno 2011 

La 54. Esposizione Internazionale d'Arte della Biennale di Venezia si terrà nel 2011, diretta dalla storica dell’arte e critica Bice Curiger:

- Vernice: 31 maggio > 2 giugno 2011
 - Inaugurazione: 3 giugno 2011
 - Apertura al pubblico: 4 giugno > 27 novembre 2011

Il Cda della Biennale di Venezia, riunitosi il 12 maggio 2010, ha nominato Bice Curiger Direttore del Settore Arti Visive, con lo specifico compito di curare la 54. Esposizione Internazionale d’Arte che si terrà dal 4 giugno al 27 novembre 2011.
In occasione della sua nomina, Bice Curiger ha dichiarato: “È un grande onore e un privilegio che mi sia stato chiesto di assumere l’incarico di Direttore alla Biennale di Venezia, una delle rassegne d’arte contemporanea più importanti e straordinarie al mondo.
Sono davvero entusiasta di affrontare questa grande sfida”.


Estratto da: www.labiennale.org



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