The famous Peruvian artist has a very deep path of life, rich of contrasting moments, made of diametrically opposite cultures and places, that she has been able to adapt step by step in her human being, taking inspiration for her artworks and instructing, sometimes unconsciously, her followers.

Tornado a Venezia represents my identity, full of contrasts and energies, that impetuously envelopes my human being.”

The nature vortex in union with the artist's cultural and creative one, is able to “anticipate the future, deconstruct a static element and give start to a circular movement. In my mind, the magnificence of architectonic venetian environment is an hold point, that I intensely admire and that symbolically desired to move and transform with the contemporaneous art language”. (AMR)

Her intense activity in construction industry in the years spent in Peru, where the architect-artist was able and longing to plan everything in the smallest detail are in strong contrast with the present, free, spontaneous, unexpected artistic activity and the new languages that Venice and her own artworks are enriching her.

Two identities, two lives, two cultures, at the moment perfectly and strictly integrated and full of energy, an energy able to create new contests, new paths, new artistic styles and strong changes, seemingly repudiating the past, but actually mixing la riqueza de la experiencia with extreme lightness and elegance.

The central thread is really the continuous change in the artist's life, from the childhood in Peruvian Andes to the period of total immersion in the construction industry progression in Lima town, creating draws, construction and re-costruction, being desirous to rebuild and recreate all that has been destructed from a natural disaster in her childhood; then she landed in Venice, eternal beauty capital, made of an illusory lightness and perfection, where art and richness are the absolute protagonists.

Ana Maria Reque's artwork is really complex, eclectic, at first glance hard to be read; each artwork contains fragments of her life, moments, and different cultures which can dialogue with force and incredible elegance, even if so different.

Her artworks send back to the shamanic tradition, to the Andes, to the master glass-maker of Venice that evoke to nature colors and shapes, in a vortex of fragments of life and material as in the series Tornado a Venezia, in strong contrast with the perfect balance found in Una Nuova Vita.

text by Serena Mormino


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