Given that the word Plancton means wandering, Giacomo Lion’s installation appears to recapture the fluctuating effect of those organisms living in the depths of the sea, apart from an inversion of roles and contexts.
The slight, slow but constant shift produced by waves and wind causes the vibration of some iron bars to the ends of which are fixed sacks filled with water. The bars, which possess a floating capacity, extend from the lagoon directly to the coast of the island, as if to translate the liquid element (here transferred from the lagoon into the sacks) in order for it to twirl and spin upwards, thus creating a perpetual motion which is also an endless dripping.
The equilibrium of the work – changing continuously and persistently – goes along with the humours and the features of a living organism: the sea, which moves, quivers, rises and falls. The information/suggestion of this fluid and harmonious movement is sublimated by the artist, who invites the spectators to follow the hypnotic swaying of the pouches, letting themselves be gently rocked by the laws of motion, and also letting the gravitational pull induce in the beholder a sense of lightness; a serene relaxation of the mind.
Instead of imposing his own creative force (of control, of dominance) over nature, Lion indulges its vitality; silent collaboration from which a drifting image takes shape... floating on the surface of the water, and suspended over the land.

Text by Alberto Zanchetta