With her accurate yet spontaneous technique, Linda Vigiani’s approach to art is functional to her sensitivity. In doing so, marble becomes a malleable means which gives birth to her idea of synthesis. The snake, symbol of perpetual change, can be identified with the spinal column, the place where Kundalini energy resides. The two images are osmotically spiral-shaped: on one hand, the head of the snake turns into the shape of the sacrum; on the other hand, its body shows elements that call to mind the vertebrae, ribs, and sternum of a vertebrate being. Shape does not invade space; it rather allows its expansion through the winding movement of the sculpture’s body and the succession of full and void. The power of this work makes everything empty around it, and its preponderant dynamism makes time eternal. The piece is alive in space and makes it movable and physical. The serpentine-like movement and the details gather the light, which adjusts and grades the shape into a symbol, defining the skeleton and the life-giving spiritual energy.
This work brings the traditional plastic canons to new life, but it deprives them of some alluring details such as the shape of the flesh, aiming to go straight to the original structure of every being. Linda asserts her perception through symbols and shapes that might recall ancient fossils. However, nothing is static: unexpected telluric movements shake everything, acting as primitive thrusts and needs that reawaken the spirit and lead to a new life. Geometrical shapes can sometimes be recalled, making sinusoid topological and assuming a perpetual development in time, depending on the light that determines their motion.
Perception is faster than Word. The references of the shapes are only residue of commonly known reality, and the spinal column is the expression of immateriality, of spirit.

Text by Filargino Frusciante