On this occasion the young artist presents an installation of a group of works made of several materials in which a complete harmony can be glimpsed, obtained thanks to a consistent research that he has followed up to the present day.
His works assume the full value of installations and are characterised by the use of different recycled materials: these range from wood to metals, paper, clay and glass which, once integrated and combined together, are intentionally linked, in a dual and partly contradictory meaning, to the unsurpassable overall structural values typical of sculpture. His intervention is absolutely not invasive, indeed the materials used to make the works seem to blend with their context, acquiring specific and original organic values, and represent in their new life a different bond of perception that dialogues with the natural environment in which Gianfreda has erected them, prefiguring alternative morphological characteristics and striking spatial coordinates. The substance of the various materials used, as well as the lines of force reminiscent of Boccioni, give forth a unique energy that harmonises with the chtonic element of the earth that receives them, as though it wished to regain possession of them and metabolise them.
In this sense there is a feeling of precarious tension in his works, swinging between structure and possible disintegration, in conformity with a presence or even an absence, but always in absolute harmony with the space in which they are located.


Text by Saverio Simi de Burgis