PDG Arte Communications Activities
Founded by Paolo De Grandis, PDG Arte Communications has been active in the sector of culture and art since 1984 to promote the realisation of the structural conditions that can stimulate the development of the production and creation of cultural events and to encourage the cooperation between the main international organisations in the art and culture sector. Through its experience, it has developed consolidated relationships established with major government institutions, museums, foundations, galleries, thus facilitating contacts at an international level. 
It comes from Paolo De Grandis the creation of new pavilions outside the areas of Giardini and Arsenale, that are now an integral part of the Venice Biennale. In the 1995 he organized and curated the first official participation of Taiwan in the Venice Biennale. Since then PDG Arte Communications has organised 127 exhibitions in the Venice Biennale: 56 National Participations and 71 Collateral Events.
PDG Arte Communications promoted the debut of Taiwan (International Art Exhibition 1995), Estonia (International Art Exhibition 1997), Latvia (International Art Exhibition 1999 - International Architecture Exhibition 2002), Ukraine (International Art Exhibition 2001 - International Architecture Exhibition 2002), Jamaica (International Art Exhibition 2001), Singapore (International Art Exhibition 2001 - International Architecture Exhibition 2004), Hong Kong (International Art Exhibition 2001 – International Architecture Exhibition 2006), Morocco (International Art Exhibition 2005), Macao  (International Art Exhibition 2007), Republic of Gabon (International Art Exhibition 2009), Principality of Monaco (International Art Exhibition 2009), Andorra (International Art Exhibition 2011), Ecuador (with the first independent pavilion in the International Art Exhibition 2015).
Conceived by Paolo De Grandis in 1998, PDG Arte Communications organises the yearly exhibition OPEN International Exhibition of Sculptures and Installations, based on a consolidated and successful exhibition formula in which the “artist-country” combination and the outdoor spaces at Venice Lido become an international platform of exchange and interaction on which to rethink and redefine the current status of art through the meeting of artists, curators, institutions, embassies and ministries.
The skills acquired over the years are channelled into the effort of giving the proper organisational assistance in terms of researching the correct exhibition space, fit to hold the event and to coordinate the main services necessary for the realisation of the exhibition in order to insert it in the international contemporary artistic panorama. The target is to guarantee a correct organisational process for coordinating the setup, the promotion and the communications.
PDG Arte Communications services encompass a wide range of issues as follows:
×           pre-arrangements and whole organization in Venice;
×           providing proper space;
×           providing exhibition permits including outdoor publicity permits such as the façade and entrance banner, totems, etc.;
×           bureaucratic practices;
×           installation and dismantling;
×           providing information and press office from the date of agreement;
×           daily contacts with the international and local media;
×           outdoor publicity services;
×           providing regular construction plan and electric plan with technical support;
×           assisting with customs formalities and international shipping;
×           providing local transport;
×           negotiations for best quotations (space fee, construction plan, publicity program etc);
×           providing international invitation list;
×           opening ceremony, inauguration cocktail;
×           catalogue, invitation, brochure, poster, banners etc. (design and printing);
×           publicity and advertisement programs (outdoor publicity plan + ads in art magazines);
×           weekly distribution of publicity materials in the promotional offices and hotels;
×           monthly reports with inventory, contacts, daily number of visitors etc.;
×           registration of visitors;
×           providing the proper exhibition staff with the knowledge of art and languages;
×           co-ordination and training of exhibition personnel;
×           maintenance of exhibition;
×           translations in English, Italian, French, German;
×           web page services;
×           photo and video services;
×           providing obligatory insurance for the space and visitors;
×           providing insurance for the works;
×           exhibition security controls;
×           monthly cleaning services.
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Centro Italiano per le Arti e la Cultura - Torino
Centro Studio Vetro - Venezia
Contemporary Art Museum P.S.1 - New York
Council for Cultural Affairs - Repubblica popolare Cinese
Cooperativa Apuana Corporacìon Cultural de Providencia -Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores de Chile
Cultural Center Lindart- Albania
Cultural Services-Nicosia- Cipro
Daniel Maman Fine Art - Argentina
Danish Contemporary Art Foundation
Danish Secretariat for International Cultural Relations
Dedale - Nouvelles Formes Artistique et Nouveax Medias
Direcìon General de Asuntos Culturales del Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores - República Argentina
Finnish Fund for Art Exchange
Fondation Independance - Lussemburgo
Fondazione Mimmo Rotella - Catanzaro
Frame Finnish Fund for Art Exchange
Franco Schiavon Gallery - Venezia
French New Yorkers Inc.
Fondazione Sebastian - Messico
Fondazione Torino Musei GAM Galleria d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea - Torino
Galerie Anhava - Finlandia
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Galerie Enrico Navarra - Parigi
Galleria Bagnai - Firenze
Galleria Carini - Arezzo
Galleria Continua - Siena
Galleria Vecchiato - Padova
Hanart TZ Gallery - Hong Hong
Hellenic Ministry of Culture
Institut de Cultura Ajuntament de Barcelona
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Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts -Taiwan
KlausEngelhorn20 Gallery - Austria
Korean fine Arts Association
La Biennale di Venezia
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Made Wianta Foundation - Indonesia
Malborough Fine Art - Londra
Marlborough Gallery - New York
Ministerie van de Vlaamse Gerneenschap Afdeling Beeldende Kunst en Musea - Belgio
Ministero della Cultura e Turismo - Beirut/Libano
Ministry of Culture and Arts of Ukraine
Ministry og Foreign Affairs of Japan
Ministry of Culture and Torism/Republic of Korea
Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia
Ministry of Culture,Youth and Sports of Albania
Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Repubblica popolare Cinese
Museo del Parco - Portofino
Museum Modern Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien - Vienna
Museum of Contemporary Art - Bucharest
Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art
Museum Universitas Pelita Harapan - Indonesia
National Arts Council - Singapore
National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
New Creative Association - Kiev
Norwegian International Program for Visual Arts
Open Society Foundation for Albania
Oxigeno Fine Art - Bolivia
Peggy Guggenheim Collection
Pro Helvetia Rèseaux Est-Ouest
Provincia di Venezia
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