Nussbaum dedicates his life, his expression and artistic devotion, his studies to the search for light, generated by shapes and colours, but also to the analysis of numbers, symbols and geometries, in such a total and philosophical way as to make this a characteristic of his style and existence.

He analyses and experiments with primary colours, the Pantone colour charts, transforming their violence and irrefutable intensity that cannot be disguised into new ethereal colours with almost intangible, divine features.

He analyses the scientific and empirical meaning of numbers, being well aware that above all they are and remain images.

His symbolism, apparently hidden by fine technicality, emerges strongly the moment you start to read his Art. Aware of most people’s superficiality, he includes in his symbols the meanings attributed to them by history and communicates the force of nature, of the primary and unassailable elements such as water, fire, colour; he retraces the history of nature as though to prove that life has no boundaries, no end; not even death can wipe out history.

Not only does his accuracy in the study of colour and light generate new life, new forces, new energies, but also a new spirituality of art and human life.


Text by Serena Mormino