57. International Art Exhibition - La Biennale di Venezia

Under One Sun
The Art of Living Together 

Commissioner: Ambassador Mammad Ahmadzada

Executor: Heydar Aliyev Foundation

Curators: Prof.Dr. Martin Roth, Emin Mammadov

Advisor: Dr. Shirin Y. Melikova

Participants: HYPNOTICA Visual Performance Group, Elvin Nabizade

Coordinators: Narmina Khalilova, Ekaterina Tasheva, Ulviyya Aliyeva, Farhad Boyukzada

Coordinators in Venice: Paolo De Grandis, Carlotta Scarpa, PDG Arte Communications

Venue: Palazzo Lezze, Campo S. Stefano, San Marco 2949

Official opening: May 11th  6:30 pm

Preview: May 10th  5 pm

Under One Sun. The Art of Living Together

Since times immemorial in Azerbaijan a great many people from very different backgrounds live alongside each other. Within a major region that combines European and Eastern civilizations, it is unavoidable that religion, philosophy, and political theories confront each other. 

Azerbaijan is a perfect sample of a complex society, which promotes acceptance of different languages and cultural backgrounds, the culture of living together mostly in harmony and equality in a multicultural and multi-religious society, supporting each other in a sometimes rough natural environment.

Azerbaijan is not so big country, but its varied landscape and rich nature also reflect and find themselves in harmony of diverse cultural expressions under one sun. 

A peaceful cultural exchange of all different cultures in Azerbaijan and the preservation of the best traditions of Eastern hospitality, a vital principle to all peoples living on this land, spark wonder in this age of globalization, ethnic conflicts, intolerance, and aggression. This is the true art that the people of Azerbaijan have mastered.

In 2017, the Azerbaijan national pavilion for the 57th International Art Exhibition – la Biennale di Venezia hosts the exhibition Under One Sun. The Art of Living Together.

The aim of the exhibition is to find out an own artistic contemporary interpretation of the cultural diversity of Azerbaijan.

Thus, curators of the exhibition asked young artists to show their opinion and to express their freedom in a diverse cultural society.

A group of young artists experimenting with mixed media challenges humanity to contemplate this crucial issue: the art of living together.

Works by Hypnotica, a visual performance art group, and by installation artist Elvin Nabizade lay bare Azerbaijan’s cultural and ethnic diversity.

Within the exhibition, artists present interactive multimedia projects, video mapping and installations. These artists used different media trying to show the combining element of traditional analogue and contemporary digital art in Azerbaijan.

Under One Sun. The Art of Living Together reveals Azerbaijan’s amazing and kaleidoscopic culture, from its origins and traditions to its diverse manifestations today.

Prof. Dr. Martin Roth
curator of the Pavilion

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