"Like a person without a face, reason cannot tolerate the representation of its own mirror image."

 Slavok Zizek & John Mibank

Inspired by John Woo films’ signature action sequences, the glamorous violence, the choreographed violence, the justified violence, the purposeful violence… Should violence gunned by the hands of a morally incorruptible protagonist be justified as good violence? Can moral integrity pay a role in constructive destruction? How can we distinguish good violence from bad? Won’t we lose the proper instrumental use of the division by our innate ideological orientation and education? As soon as we claim to be developing criteria by which to define a supposedly good violence, each of us will find it easier to make excuses and causes of justice in order to validate our own acts of violence. Therefore, I shall use this opportunity to collect and uncover the climatic discourses of public’s conscientious good and bad violence, through documenting the public’s face mask and a short comment.  


Text by the Artist