8. International Architecture Exhibition - La Biennale di Venezia

Palazzo delle Prigioni, San Marco, Venice


Organization: Taiwan Museum of Art

Commissioner and Curator: Wuh-kuen LEE
Deputy Commissioners: Paolo De Grandis, Wan-ju WANG, Shu-ping SHIH
Architects: Kris YAO & Artech Architec

Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) is one of the largest BOT project currently in the world and the most important infrastructure project for Taiwan in the beginning of the new millennium. While it is expected to be completed and begin operation by the year of 2005, it will highly improve the transportation connection between the northern and southern part of the island, and also create exciting opportunities for new urban developments along the total of 345 km rail line. Both are vital for the future economic prospect of Taiwan. 
Among six stations, Hsinchu station stands out as one of the finest in terms of design innovation and quality. Due to it’s location, Hsinchu station will become a significant gateway between 2 major science parks and play a crucial role in Taiwan’s vision of an green silicon-island. 
The exhibition will be experienced through multiple human senses: 
Visual: multiple layering exhibition / video and image projection / Multimedia application 
Sound: the regulated interval of train noise will interrupt the traditional / Modern Taiwanese music played in the background to symbolize the presence and impact of the new high speed rail to Taiwan. 
Tactile: the physical materials / texture / construction system - Wood, stone, metal, glass…etc. will be applied and transformed into the installation works of the exhibition. 
The design intention of Taiwan Pavilion is not only to express the vision that is brought to light by the high speed rail or the quality of architectural design, but also to communicate the essence of Taiwanese culture with the world through the universal language/art and architecture.