gabriele pohlmann
Germany - Gabriele Pöhlman

 …the knäckebrot that can be seen in the images is merely material not content – they are modules that have the same relativity as the entire format. If one would hang these in four, nine or sixteen bonding, the result would be the same relation as from an individual module. This could be continued into infinity… It is merely a metaphor – standing for the attempt to become closer to infinity…
“For each individual part is a component of a greater whole and as far as we know this continues into infinity…” (K. Wilber)

Gabriele Pöhlmann 

The holon is at the root of the philosophy of holism, comprehensiveness. Holon is a greek word and means entire. The starting point is the idea that the whole already exists in its parts and conversely each part contains the whole. The formats of these images have a relation of two to one and measure two times one meter. This proportion is derived from the material used for compositions. Yes, it actually is knäckebrot from which the fissured male and female acts are formed. In this case the female artist proceeds entirely systematically: the stable MDF plates are coated with black primer and the individual module, the knäckebrot, is then pressed into the moist undercoat (synthetic). Whereby each plate is fully covered. Out of this mobile and fragile material, the female artist destroys the surface and forms the monumental acts. In doing so, quick work is required because the bread rapidly draws itself completely in and becomes slushy. Thus, sharp tears and even the archaic-fissured plasticity of the forms are created. After drying, the relief is treated with acrylic color and thereafter preserved with polyester. The format of these images in multiplicities always results in the same proportions. This means that a block of two times two images corresponds in its relationship exactly to one image. These multiplicities can be continued into infinity. 

Text by Gudrun Szczepanek