The artist has created in recent years, a new work cycle of 24 Mirror Sulptures titled Creatio ex Nihilo (Creation out of Nothing), a contradiction between chaos and time in which the various metamorphosis of being intermingle through the involvement of the viewer with the purpose to create consciousness-expanding perceptions. Schiaffino motivates the observer’s imagination to grasp the relationship between authentic message and the sublimation of time. L’ Ora (The Hour) conceived as an optical distortion that offers a multiform game of reality and illusion. As well as presence and absence, a concretization of The Nothing. She absorbs, reflects, displaces and interrupts the environment in itself, representing changes of time inward and outward of human existence. As well as the continuous change of each one’s experience. Fascinating and alarming at the same time is the sculpture in its opulent fertility, the giant egg-formed shape belly gives birth from hour to hour until infinite. A dove on her shoulder, a symbol of peace, purity, holy spirit, congeniality - and also absurdity, is pecking the huge deformed head. Squeezed between the statue’s foot is a city’s outline - symbolizing progress and the intratemporal route.

Schiaffino invites you to take a trip into the phenomenology of the spirit reflected in a material dimension of human existence. To express the surreal myth of Narcissus confluent into the luminous “thrownness” of one’s self.

text by Susanne Eickmann