Great success with over 65.000 visitors for Heidi Lau: Apparition,  Exhibit from Macao, China in the BIENNALE ARTE 2019.

This is the seventh presence of Macao’s China in the Collateral Event section that PDG Arte Communications established since 2007.

Still 10 days to visit the exhibition that will close on 10th November.

Apparition by Heidi Lau aims to investigate Macao’s complex histories in the style of classical Chinese supernatural fiction (Zhiguai). It showcases 10 newly commissioned ceramic installations under 4 different themes: Apparition I: Primitive Memories, Apparition II: The Ancestral House, The Contemporary Moment: Learning from Casino, and Reflective Nostalgia: The Old Recreation Garden. Lau’s work resembles the crumbling remains of historical relics and features imageries of Taoist and folk mythologies. The curator hence named the exhibition title as “Apparition” to emphasise Lau’s artistic investigation and to depict Macao in a state of manifestation.