Aristotelis Deligiannidis’ cross-shaped plexiglas construction/ installation bears traces and random patterns in black and white. One year after its initial installation, it is still standing there, at the outdoors location where it was installed on the occasion of OPEN 12.
Before the work’s transportation and installation at its final location, the Hugo Pratt library in Lido, the artist will rework it, once more directing his intense painterly gestures against the plexiglas surface, this time using color. The intension is not to fill in the gaps, the surfaces untouched by the artist’s intervention on the transparent material; rather, the artist introduces color as a new layer upon the areas that were not touched by color last year, in order perhaps to soften the somewhat aggressive quality often associated with black and white. The audience is thus taken one step further, towards renewed interpretative connotations or diversions which result from the adding of color, perceived as a changed sensitivity, or as the alteration of the transparent plexiglas surface into a material less penetrable by one’s gaze.
This additional or supplementary action through which the artist retouches and reinvestigates the work, seems to be a kind of explicit and ironic reassertion of the art work’s unfinished quality (non finito), constantly questioned by the artist himself.
This transformed, enriched construction/installation introduces a new conceptual framework; ultimately, it can be viewed as a renewed promise for the understanding and awareness of human actions.
It seems as though this is a long ago scheduled meeting, which however bears the freshness and dynamic qualities of a random re-discovery that brings new qualities and new life.


Text by Thalea Stefanidou