aristotelis deligiannidis
Greece - Aristotelis Deligiannidis

Layers II

Aristotelis Deligiannidis’ painting act seems to abut on the tradition of Abstract Expressionism, even from afar. However, his painterly expression, using strong gestures, also refers to figuration libre, as well as graffiti.
On transparent or non-transparent under layer, with feverish laborious gestures, the artist repeats a process of imprinting his mark, similar to a game of free drawing patterns or to a mechanism using energy towards the conquest and organization of space.
Using sharp or curved graphics, narrative and abstract at the same time, he focuses the look (his, ours) to rhythms.
This is an artistic practice that feverishly admits the ongoing need for expanding the creative process, at the same time enouncing –through infinite repetition– an ironic challenge against the never definitely complete or final character of the work of art.
The result appears shapeless, non-figurative, a mapping of landscapes of the mind, that develops a labyrinth-like script which represents the non-visible.

A painting of action.
A painting action.
A swiftly executed activity.
A bodily achievement.



Also, a dispersion, a continuous zigzag of maneuvers and reciprocations that bring forward an ethic and aesthetic attitude towards the permanent and the ephemeral, remembrance and oblivion, affirmation to life and the compelling need to find an instructions manual to go with it.

Text by Thalea Stefanidou