“A visual arts experiment following the rational of cohabitation, working in common and meeting with others for public discussions or private lectures. (...) I dare say that this kind of collective work eloquently expresses the current state of contemporary art, however concisely and comprehensively.” (Excerpts of articles by Maria Maraggou in Eleytherotypia News Paper)

We see human society as a dynamic whole of individual personalities, coming together for the common good. This harmonious living together needs a clear set of rules, a clear set of rights and obligations. Government and administration should be at the service of the weak masses, rather than the powerful few. We need a truly democratic regime; one that unleashes human potential, instead of imprisoning it; one that respects diversity and rewards morality and effort; one that truly cares for those in need; one that focuses on satisfying people, rather than feeding power. A regime that revolves around men and not wealth. We share the vision that we, for the rest of our lives and the lives of our children, will enjoy a different world, a better world; a world that will aspire towards intellectual, financial, social and political rebirth; a modern world, free from the influences and dependencies of today’s political minorities and the interference of the media; a world where employment and housing will be secured for all; a world that will support maternity, children and the elderly; a world that truly defends the institution of family. We envision a safe and harmonious world; a world where the basic human needs will be met and there will be no poverty; a world where respect for human dignity will be common sense; a world where he, who reports the illegalities and wrong doings of others, will be rewarded and protected; a world where we won’t have to worry about anything because every day will be a glorious occasion. We envision a world where we will be seeking knowledge and truth while gazing at nature; a world where we won’t have any bad or ugly thoughts towards our neighbours and relatives; a world where we will spend more time with our friends and family, while enjoying a beautiful and constructive conversation; a world where life will be a garland made of blissful moments; a world we will be happy to live in. Yesterday has passed. Tomorrow is yet to come. Today is in our hands. Let us begin… 

Inspired by Adonis Georgiadis (Greek politician), Jassmine (blogger) and Mother Teresa

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