Italy - Alex Angi

Turbo Jungle – NATURAL Renaissance


Matter is form and, as such, it is life for Angi and synonymous with hope and communication.

Angi uses the matter of his time, plastic, to give man a second chance, to make him understand that he must go back to being the absolute star of the show using the materials and techniques of his time. Only scientific progress can lead us to a new start, to a “Natural Renaissance”.

Angi’s plastic jungles develop in space, exploding like a virus; environmental contamination is fundamental in his art. He’s a kind of crazy scientist, able to transform waste, renewing it and giving it new life… where he walks, flowers bloom.

His matter is poetry, plastic buds peeping out of the earth in a jubilation of colours and filaments, infecting man and his world with optimism.

Materials resulting from chemical studies that blend and interact with Nature, various filaments entangled in an apparently confused and random way like the thoughts and paths of life, which periodically retrace their steps to take new directions and bloom into something unexpected and, as such, magnificent, stimulating, unique.


Text by
Serena Mormino