federica silvi

My work questions the energy contained within the material, an energy that is not limited entirely therein,  but that is intrinsically connected to memories of its own past.The search for the material itself is a fundamental aspect of the process of artistic creation. In the case of the bozzoli (cocoons)this is represented by iron wire from discarded vineyards and used bales of hay. It contains the memories of a setting, and also of a methodical and repetitive activity, of an ancient, laborious craft. The work of weaving the wire, right from the moment of creating the work of art, calls to mind the history of the material. As a condenser of energy the work of art recalls in its plot the complexity of its past that is preserved in the shape of a cocoon, incubator and promise of life. The slot is a sign of a positive opening towards the future, an optimistic opportunity. It is an invitation to use the force of a memory so that it does not stay trapped within the maze of the wires, but can be released and be put into play as an eccentric redundancy that generates meanings.

Text by Federica Silvi