Italy - Marco Veronese

Fuck the World – NATURAL Renaissance


Prelude… if we repeat this word and listen to it in our heads we realise that, after having pronounced, thought or hinted at it, we take a breath, musically speaking there is a pause. We don’t know what will follow, we can only imagine it. But we know what happened before, and we have to start from the past in order to understand the future.

Marco Veronese is in the middle, in the present moment that follows the past but that precedes the unknown, waiting for man’s next move which will prove to be fundamental. He might defeat nature and the entire world, or mend his ways and save the world from global


Veronese is in the prelude of human actions. Veronese dreams of a second Renaissance, a collective reawakening of man, an environmental and spiritual consciousness-raising, a “NATURAL Renaissance”.

The Earth’s equilibrium is extremely precarious, and this has unfortunately been demonstrated by the events and catastrophes of recent months. In the work Fuck the World, as in reality, the inclination of the Earth’s axis is changing… The human hand reduced to a cadaverous state, holding the planet balanced on the tip of its middle finger, in a strong and unmistakable gesture, symbolises and represents the hand of an ordinary person. The single finger raised in a gesture of defiance, but also as an indicator of extreme equilibrium, has become the new axis of a world where the seas are dark, covered with spots of black silicone, almost like mines ready to explode… the continents are “anonymous”, all shown in the same colour, because every living creature, without any distinction, shares the same nature.

Symbology is a fundamental part of Veronese’s art, a focal point of strength and reference; his path is so in harmony and parallel with reality as to make Fuck the World a disarming symbol, the symbol of man’s arrogance towards himself.


Text by
Serena Mormino