margherita michelazzo


... 4 arc paradox, joined at the ends and rotating slightly, diverging thought... telescopic rays refracting due to the orbits of the Moons of Jupiter... eccentricity and inclination of the planes... fixed but flexible carrying structure, under strain, moved by the overlapping of arc segments signifying the relativity of sidereal and synodic motions, of universe design and perhaps our perspectives. Chaos or harmony, a response to the changeable moods of the wind... a wait for sounds...a play of light and shadow on outward dimensions. Colour which emerges from the cor-ten like lunar regolith. Libration of the same face between the Earth and the Sun, along the epicycloid which remains faithful to the concavity towards light. 38 discs, the phases of the Moon to be born.


Margherita Michelazzo



The Moon goes forward, laps the myth, overcomes the limits imposed and pursues the infinite of creativity; light, it is charming source that holds the stead reins of human imagination since ever. With no end is the list of the names of people wrapped and enchanted by its light, carried away by a sweet cradle and free to dream. The evocative power of the earth satellite has illuminated the imagination of Margherita Michelazzo who analysing the works and drawings elaborated by Galileo during his studies on the selenography, comes to create the installation: Le lune di Galileo. The Tuscan scientist, who has opened our eyes and minds wide with his discoveries and intuitions, shows us a great abilityas illustrator and painter with his drawings. The work of Margherita Michelazzo finds its roots in the study of the Sidereus Nuncius and in the first realistic representations of the Moon of the History, then it grows becoming an environmental installation composed by four arches of same dimensions (as anamnesis of the four Moons of Jupiter discovered by Galileo) and by thirty-eight discs in cor-ten (found in some industrial waste), hammered and both naturally and artificially oxidised in order to get rugged and uneven surfaces. The moon discs are thirty-eight like the weeks, like the Moons the man must go through before he can deep in life and transform himself in an existential growth. Star of vital rhythms, for its return to the original harmonies, the Moon is symbol of the flying time, like the rust going on, like the movement and the sound, narrated by the metallic tondi. An eternal swing between primordial whiff and perpetual end, that run over the Moon, thanks to its following and regular phases, simultaneously as symbol of the real and of the dream.

Text by Alberto Mattia Martini