Italy - Stefano Devoti

Stefano Devoti, alchemist between past and future, works a transformation that mixes ancient technologies, to the limit of the poverty and the improvisation, with modern knowledges and refined tools of technical avant-garde. He conducts a sustainable metamorphosis recycling by himself the metals and searching in the fusion of the languages themselves. He combines different processes to create a new and original work, loaded at the meantime by suggestions of archaism and eternity, he approaches the traditional handcraft practice to the rigor of the digital project and proceeding to the raw casting he infuses the character of the casualness and of the entropy. The process of stylistic and conceptual synthesis concludes with a work without time and out of the time, to the research of a faceted and crystalline face of the man: surrendered to the nature, so that autonomously it conducts there itself, it lives by the direct contact with the solar irradiation and by the seasons, replying the rhythm and the variability of the passions and of the human condition.


Text by
Marzio Dall’Acqua