Arianna Spada


Arianna Spada

Italia • Italy

Arianna Spada’s work is an invitation to transcend. The artist presents a space where the dialectic tension between the subject and the known dramatizes the concept of Being. The visitor is persuaded to abandon his everyday life for a moment, to draw oneself apart from the world to investigate the authenticity of his/her existence.

The person who enters the cabin created by the artist is released from spatial and temporal dimensions where he/she usually stays: the Being is finally free from its condition of “being thrown into the world”, it is open to design its future, to expose itself to be fulfilled or to lose its way. The work is in an open dialogue with the Heidegger’s study about the sense of Being that he illuminates in his seminal work Being and Time.

Spada moves the dissertation to the level of the artistic installation to find a resolution to the Being’s truth question. In doing so, she changes the language - Heidegger found it limiting and he preferred not to complete the book - and starts from his tentative conclusion: time as a possible horizon of any comprehension of Being.

She invites the visitor to experience being-in-the-world to understand what he/she is and what he/she would be, this is the Care, the entirety of Being’s structures. The circular reflection about past, present and future reflects the upper break of the cabin, it is the unique light source in the installation, symbol of lumen naturale that permits to experience the Lichtung, the improvement, to light up the Being’s revelation to the visitor.

Amalia Nangeroni, Curator