Claudia Danieli approaches the canvas as though she were in the ring with her most formidable opponent: herself. Her works have an impact on the eyes and the senses. The extreme realism of the portraits is violated by the colour which is very often red: bright red, like red meat, red passion, a creative flow of vitality.

Colour must never cease to flow in the artist, otherwise frustration gains the upper hand over instinct. The impulsive act is closely connected to anger which becomes creativity, exploded and not imploded.

The artist takes all her impulses, her dynamic alter ego, and throws them onto the canvas with expressionist style, in an attempt to correct the static nature of reality. There is a duplication of the corporal nature, both in the choice of the subject of the portrait (which encompasses the ability to render the soul of the person depicted) and in the violence of the act of painting.

The strong visual impact is not dramatic, but dynamic.

Despite the strength of the colour on the canvas, the artist wins the battle with an unspoken agreement between herself and her unconscious: an agreement of pure creativity.


Text by Sign On Art