My paintings choose the colours of nature, life and matter.

Anyone who approaches them sees the reflection of what is concealed in his soul, of which sometimes he is not even aware: emotions, feelings, present or future situations of life, profound states of mind and then excitement.

Nearly all my works of the last five years have an element in common, the circle: it has no beginning, no end, no direction or orientation, and often becomes a symbol of the sky, of divinity and of all that is spiritual. Perfection, eternity, harmony, infinity, completeness, union, a single line whose ends join together to be absorbed one in the other, the spirit and the immateriality of the soul.

A magic and celestial symbolism.

The circle is the sky, the cycle of life, time. Its movement is perfect, unchanging, without any beginning, end or variation.

The circle is a sacred space, a temple, a sanctuary, a source of energies and spiritual forces. The circle is an insuperable limit that provides protection, from the first nomad communities to the magic traditions of the ancient Babylonians, to medieval religious rituals and renaissance ceremonies, to oriental philosophies, a deposit of degrees of knowledge, the transposition of cosmogonic imagery.

A mandala of unknown and longed-for worlds.


Text by the artist