Duilio Forte, architect inspired by myth, intuitively develops, builds and refines, time after time, the prototype of Sleipnir. In his creative process he looks to the past, to the Nordic mythology which represents Sleipnir as the incomparable steed of the god Odin. Strong, fast, and truthful, to the point of being able to guide his master between dimensions: even in the reign of dead, of the “other” without understanding. But Duilio Forte also looks ahead, connecting with the present and the possible future of this world. He looks at technology, merged into the wooden flesh of this fecund, protective and fierce divinity, and thus at change. Aware of the potential, albeit temporary, that can be initiated by this crossbreeding between dimensions contrary to logic but not to the myth-technology syncretism created by the artist-architect, as he steps towards an irreducible authenticity with no need for explanations. Authenticity which is intrinsically born by the energy of an impossible repetition. Serendipity belongs to myth, and earlier to the sacred, which reaches us in the possibility of its revelation, ever probable but never certain and never complete. From this premise, and from the dialogue with the genius loci, every Sleipnir - capable of housing in his belly a person, a sculpture or a server - moves towards the adventure of ever changing worlds and guards inside himself the origin of his own destiny. All this is done in a creative modality in which every specimen is born through the labour of a “bottega”, through ingenuity and effort, both probably mocked by the same Great Sleipnir. Irreverence though won’t cost him his freedom.

text by Luisa Castellini