Per aspera ad astra is a site specific installation of Eracle Dartizio curated by Martina Corbetta and it’s on exhibition in the picturesque Venice Lido, during OPEN 17. The work arises as his mother tribute, but without either any agonizing connotation or melancholy. Contrariwise, articulates its narration in a significant and conceptual way on three positive elements: the ascending movement, as human body release, the pure colour, like white, silver or golden, in function of purity and kindness, and hundreds of thousands of meters of thread, as life metaphor. Under a certain point of view, between the lines… “Serenity” is a simple word, engraved on the thousand threads. It translates in an intellectual way the easier word “happy”. Positivity is the only message of communication, which incessantly reaches the heart of people and gives a shake to a common pessimism, that in this period unbalanced and difficult tighten us up. One issue that gets positive. The installation is fragile and this is its strength. The thread, that is feeble in its singular part in cause of weather conditions, in the total form its lively, is an organism which, like a human being, faces its cycle looking beyond in a positive way. The installation is vertical. It is alive.

text by Martina Corbetta