Il mio primo appartamento is an interactive installation with biographical value that comes from the concept of living in a house. The work explores the theme of memory, particularly the recollection of the house in which the artist’s family resided until his first birthday. He asked to his family to sketch the map of the building: the result is a number of variations on the same theme: it reveals how the subjectivity implies a different perception of space. The mnemonic processes have produced a deformation of the house so in this way it becomes an abstract concept, a symbol of family identity. The artist has realized an overlap of the different interpretations producing an imaginary map as a cognitive structure represented in three dimensions. The apartment looks like a Freudian complex, a structured and active set of performances, thoughts and memories in part or completely unconscious, with a strong affective value. The character of ownership offers the possibility to generate a process of identification, also making it possible to discover and build a personal identity. The structure in red underlines the emotional value of the work that involves the viewer in the poietic activity of the artist, inviting him to walk through the space and to take possession of the apartment allowing to form his own associations of what it means to live in a house.

text by Amalia Nangeroni