Nam June Paik


Giuliano Tomaino

Italia • Italy

I am here...
Yes, because Art is like the Non-existent Knight who, with the force of his will, with determination, awareness and the desire to help write new pages of history, fights also against those who do not believe, even against those who do not want to see, because they are able to read only that which is ordinary, normal, with clear lines and boundaries.

Tomaino is inspired by Calvino to demonstrate that instead ‘‘I am here... ART is here’’, it is easy, strong, it is for everyone, it is the “friend” of whoever creates it, but becomes a figure loved and recognised by human beings, communicating emotions and simplicity, memories of other times, simple, pure memories of childhood.

Art is a source of communication and Tomaino’s hand seems to greet us, almost smiling and filling our hearts.

“Art is the gift that life gives us”, nothing could be more true, and in this case more than ever the Artist is the friend we have always had, the one we can trust, the one who is always ready to smile at us, to reach out his hand, to lighten our stress, pains, worries... because life is a dream, a game for grown-ups and for children that must be played with joy and the ability to learn something from the events of very moment.

Tomaino has the great gift of being able to dialogue with people of all ages and cultures; he knows how to enter their minds and souls in a simple and immediate way, though sometimes unwittingly... because his strong, lively and monumental works are so “light” in spirit and visual impact that they seem like games. In communicating emotions, his gift as a poet and writer, sometimes more than as a contemporary artist seen by critics and the collective imagination as the subject of a separate world, Tomaino uses a simple, almost childish language for the subjects and features created by his hand.

Serena Mormino, Curator