Luca Scacchetti’s artistic work in marble demonstrates that architecture can be an art form, a divine means of making art and creating…

Designing a castle, a protective treasure chest, impregnable, filled with mystery and charm, is a difficult task with its purely geometric and schematic lines that nevertheless require plenty of unpredictability and imagination. Castles to hide dynasties, secrets, mysteries, Scacchetti imagines them here in solid form, there are no hidden spaces, no voids… Unassailable monoliths that never fail, because man, with his ancestral desire to be unreachable, to be safe, must always be stronger, more determined, with no doubts, no moments of hesitation… There are no loopholes.

But the castle also takes us back to the fairy tales of our childhood, when we dreamed that the world was perfect and that Calvino’s Nonexistent Knight really existed and accompanied us in our challenges… Scacchetti makes his 7 castles like “7 nonexistent castles”, in exceptional sculpting material, strong and elegant marble; 7 castles because 7 is the magic number of Kabbalah, the number of choice, the number of the deadly sins… Which would you choose?


Text by Serena Mormino