Lucio Micheletti


Lucio Micheletti

Italia • Italy

“A simple brush-stroke in the void.
A game of colour that floats in the air beyond space, an idea of a limit to be overcome.”

The Blue Brush-stroke suspended in the void over Venice again becomes a distinctive symbol of an artist who makes architecture a tool for lightening art, generating suspended volumes, creating new perspectives. His land art installations that have now covered volumes and environments in all continents as a warning to preserve all that cannot be regenerated, are synthesised here in an almost sublime way. The blue of nature, of the skies, of the waters; the blue of the Madonna’s cloak and of purity...

“The reality is never as seen: the truth is above all imagination”, commented René Magritte wisely.

Micheletti once again reminds us how Art is the true language for going beyond every limit. Reducing to its essence a line that leaves an indelible mark in the memory of the observer.

Micheletti’s simple blue brush-stroke is a symbol of how every human being experiences the same nature because, no matter how differently we may see it, in reality the air that we breathe and the light that illuminates our days do not know any differences.

Serena Mormino, Curator