Marco Nereo Rotelli


Marco Nereo Rotelli

Italia • Italy

“OPEN has marked the last years of my research.” With these words Marco Nereo Rotelli, winner of the Special Award for a lifetime career, within OPEN, presents his next light installation that, in fact, will inaugurate the eighteenth edition of this important Venetian event that had the merit of bringing sculpture in a city that looks exactly like a magical sculpture.

Rotelli, who is a Venetian artist, takes this statement literally when he decides to illuminate the most representative building of modern Venice, the Molino Stucky, today the Hilton Hotel, with the support of the arts he loves the most, poetry and music. That is how, during the Film Festival, he will film his personal “movie” about arts, by composing and decomposing different languages.

Harald Szeemann said that, with his work, Rotelli is “broadening the artistic context”, which becomes, in this case, an “illumination of the mind”, because its light turns night into a magical day, not governed by the laws of power and reason, but dominated by amazement, magic, emotions.

When Illuminating the Molino Stucky, he will project a wonderful verse written by Ezra Pound, since 2015 marks also the 130th anniversary of Ezra Pound’s birth.

“Will I ever see the Giudecca again? or the light against it, [...]” CANTO LXXXIII, The Pisan Cantos

This reverb is a reversal of tautology that often isolates art within the artistic context: Rotelli aims at an open and evolving concept of art (OPEN!!), and this reverb expands to embrace poets and musicians and to become a celebration.

Hurrah for Venice, the city where everything seems fictional but is definitely true!

Manon Comerio, Curator