The inspiration for this work of art might seem to be the Oracle at Delphi, which is at the centre of the tragedy of Oedipus. The focus of this piece is not the oracle itself, but the platform where a person waits for questions to be answered.

A visitor has to wait until the mechanism is set in motion. The wait is variable and can last a few minutes.

This is a reference to another myth: the story of Telemachus and Penelope patiently waiting for Ulysses’ return.

In times of uncertainty, it reflects on the present using references to the mythology with a modern twist.

Stop, listen to the questions coming from your inner self and wait for the wisdom to surface from deep within. On the platform one is alone with oneself, the oracle is just an excuse, what really matters is the wait.

The myth of Oedipus, which begins with Laius consulting the oracle, ends with Oedipus being blinded, which helps him rediscover his true nature. The story of Ulysses ends with a reunion, which is the reward for patience.

This installation requires the visitor to step onto the platform with the body of a young Oedipus, with the patient nature of Penelope and with the gaze of Telemachus looking towards the sea.

text by Ilaria Datta