Reflection and waiting. A photo I took of myself twice, front and rear, but looking elsewhere. I show myself and observe. I shall be observed by someone who in turn will feel observed. Standing on the boundary. I don’t show anything, I don’t point the way: I look and reflect… The wind moves me a little.

Umberto Zampini


A self-timed photo, front and rear: chronicles from a boundary. Umberto Zampini is a regular visitor to boundaries. This work, performed on the crest of the hill where he lives, adds another piece to his narrative of the Present Imperfect. Here the artist takes his own photo, shows himself and at the same time observes the onlooker. He seems to mock the onlooker, forcing him to join in a game. What keeps us on the boundary is always the act of looking and of leaving space for those apparently marginal events which, instead, are the only certain starting point for a journey in quest of the raw material of art and, therefore, of life.

This work will move in the wind at Venice Lido: a thin strip of land, the boundary between the lagoon and the sea, a place from which to observe…


Text by Marco Nardini