Changwon Sculpture Biennale 2016
22nd September - 23rd October
Yong-ji Lake, Seong-san Art Hall of Changwon,  Moonshin Art Museum of Changwon
South Korea

Stratagems in Architecture: Hong Kong in Venice | Collateral Event Architecture Venice Biennale
28th May - 27th November
Campo della Tana, Venice

Coexistence from Macao | Collateral Event Architecture Venice Biennale
28th May - 27th November
Campo della Tana, Venice

Italian and Colombian art meet in the third edition of the Changwon Sculpture Biennale in South Korea,inaugurated the 22nd of September where Paolo De Grandis was invited by Director Yoon Jin-Sup to curate the participation of Michelangelo Pistoletto with his Third Paradise, and the Colombian artist Jaime Arango Correa with his Dynamic Sculpture. The artworks are exhibited in the two main halls of the Biennale, the Yong-ji Lake and the Seong-san Art Hall of Changwon City. The Biennale is an international celebration of sculpture and an opportunity established by the formal unification of three cities: Changwon, Masan and Jinhae. Changwon hosts a long tradition and sculpture legacy and has give extraordinary artists as Moon Shin, Kim Chong-Yung, Park Chong-Bae, Park Suk-Won, and Kim Young-Won. 

Third Paradise, Michelangelo Pistoletto Dynamic Sculpture, Jaime Arango Correa

From South Korea to Venice with two collateral events in occasion of the 15th Architecture Biennale. The first is Stratagems in Architecture: Hong Kong in Venice organized by The Hong Kong Institute of Architects Biennale Foundation (HKIABF) and Hong Kong Arts Development Council (HKADC) with35,000 registered visitors until now, where the classical Chinese essay Thirty-Six Stratagems, a collection of military tactics applied at wars in ancient China, guide the exhibiting architects and artists to examine their everyday challenges and provide solutions over the architectonical ground of their city, which reflects human, social and even political conditions. On one hand, it conforms to the rules of capitalism and private demand; on the other, it seeks to transcend the norm and open up imagination. What lies in between could be conflictive and creates endless and ever-changing battlefields. 

The wisdom of the stratagems provides guides in politics, business and civil interaction in modern time. The stratagems are categorized into chapters that illustrate different situations, both advantageous and disadvantageous.  

Stratagems in Architecture: Hong Kong in Venice

The second, Coexistence from Macao with 30,000 registered visitors until now,  presented by the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Macao S.A.R. Government of the People’s Republic of China, in cooperation with Architects Association of Macao, covers an overview of the Historic Centre of Macao, a lucrative port of strategic importance in the development of international trade in Chinese territory, which became a Portuguese settlement in the mid-16th century and returned to China in 1999. The “Historic Centre of Macao” is a collection of a series of locations in the old city centre that witness the unique assimilation and coexistence of Chinese and Portuguese cultures. It was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2005, and represents the architectural legacies of the city's cultural heritage, including monuments, squares, streetscapes, churches and temples.

Through the use of physical installation and digital communication, the exhibition provides the interactive opportunity to review how we can learn from these “old” buildings and the existing urban context of Macao in a “new” way. 

Both exhibitions will be open until the 27th of November in Campo della Tana, opposite to the entrance of the Arsenale.

Coexistence from Macao