It is with great pleasure that at 55. Venice Biennale, Arte Communications Announces the presentation of the first English-language monograph about  the complete work of Ronni Ahmmed, prominent Bengali artist within the local and international cultural scenario.

The launch of this considerable volume illustrated by more than 300 pictures, will take place during the Vernissage of the space that will house the works submitted by MAM – Macao Museum of Art, during the Opening of 55. Biennale Internazionale d'Arte di Venezia, which will be held on 28, 29 and 30 May 2013. In the annex you will find artist's biography, some pictures and press release issued for the occasion.

We are proud to support an artist who collaborated constructively with Arte Communications during the 14th and 15th Edition of the annual review OPEN, designed by Paolo De Grandis and supported by our staff during the Mostra Internazionale del Cinema di Venezia in the location provided by Lido territory.

On these occasions we witnessed an exciting presentation to the public of the colossal Cosmic Turtle Visiting Green Earth, the largest turtle sculpture ever carved in the world, preceded by The Tomb of Qara Köz, pyramid that sinking roots in Bengali culture, climbs Venetian history steps, until reaching the key peaks of  contemporary iconographic landscape.

Ahmmed capacity to interact with stories, philosophies and cultures to achieve its own hybrid code, had shown clearly, even with the strong relationship between the two works mentioned above, ideally at the call of life symbol, the egg, the ancestor of a material giant become flag, continuity of traditions opposing to western economism.

cosmic turtle


EDITOR: Ziauddin khan Pablo  &  Mustafa Zaman

TEXT:  Ziauddin khan Pablo,  Mustafa Zaman, Syed Monjurul Islam, Fayza haque, Mohsin Rahul, Shakhawat Tipu, Shaman Moishan, Ebadur Rahman



PRICE: $25

ISBN: In process

FORMAT: Hard cover:

SIZE: 11 x 9.5 inches



PUBLISHER: Mermaid Art foundation

STATUS: On print,copies would b available in late April,2013


Structured around 8 segments, with over 300 color illustrations and a wealth of archival photos, this volume offers the first English-language overview of Ronni Ahmmed’s diverse achievements in last 20 years. Published to mark a landmark exhibition of an epic 300 meter painting, "Mahabharata", "The Cosmic Ark"  examines every facet of Ronni's stylistic evolution,  and constitutes an essential portrait of the ambitions of Sub-continental modernism.


Ronni Ahmmed

He is , perhaps, the most important voice to emerge from Bangladeshi art scene in last 20 years. Ronni, a young painter , devices an original conceptual framework--and a stratagem of hybrid languages--to respond to the immature , often violent  XXI century realities of a "underdeveloped" world and a "failed state" . His influence is already vividly evident in the works of the peers and among younger  artists. Ronni has , also , establish himself as the most important art-critic of the country ; he is a product designer, a short story writer and, he fronts a band called , Lubricated Goat.


Mermaid art foundation started its ventures with an intention of working with artists in creating an art scene in the beach town of Cox' Bazer in Bangladesh.Artists residency,supports and other initiatives are part of this organization. The Foundation has collaborated with artist Ronni Ahmmed in many of its venture starting with the Mermaid cafe on the beach,an eco-resort which started with the idea of an artist's retreat. Also, Mermaid Eco Resort houses Ronni Ahmmed's  "The cosmic turtle visiting green earth " , the largest turtle sculpture in the world.