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Transformative Hong Kong 港創未來

Collateral Event of the 18th International Architecture Exhibition - La Biennale di Venezia

Jointly co-organised by The Hong Kong Institute of Architects Biennale Foundation (HKIABF) and Hong Kong Arts Development Council (HKADC), with The Hong Kong Institute of Architects (HKIA) as the Partner and Create Hong Kong (CreateHK) of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region as the Lead Sponsor, the “Transformative Hong Kong” Collateral Event will be staged in the 18th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia from 20 May to 26 November 2023. The exhibition will share Hong Kong’s transformation with the world as one of nine Collateral Events present at the Biennale Architettura 2023, and will reveal both a city in a constant state of transformation and where creative design in this city is heading to.

The International Architecture Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia is the most prestigious biennale gathering for architecture community around the world and the Collateral Event "Transformative Hong Kong" is curated by the curatorial team of Ar. Sarah Kwok Yan Lee, Professor Hendrik Tieben and Ar. Yutaka Yano. In response to the theme of 18th Intermational Architecture Exhibition “The Laboratory of the Future”, the overall title defined by Lesley Lokko, the  Curator of the Biennale Architettura 2023, the Hong Kong curatorial team has developed the Collateral Event “Transformative Hong Kong”, exhibition with 11 sets of exhibits to feature the voices of a diverse group of creators who are distinctly Hong Kong in nature, and in vision.

Curatorial Statement

Hong Kong is on the move, even after significant urban metamorphosis in the last sixty years. With almost three-fold the population growth, the city is on the brink of yet another transformative moment in time with various territorial scale projects in planning or implementation phases, and new policies driving the next phase of development.

Today’s increasingly complex built environment and social needs require multifaceted approaches. Architectural practices in the Contemporary Era are increasingly multidisciplinary in nature covering a diverse range of professional services where collaboration is integral part to the process. While the 4th Industrial Revolution is having wide impact and transforms the fabric of our society, many institutions and creative community in Hong Kong are also evolving and working together while using the city as our “laboratory + workshop” to collaborate and create innovative solutions to meet the challenges of the future.

Setting the framework for the exhibition in context are three contrasting scales “Territorial Transformations”, “Architectural Transformations” and “Public Space Transformations”, each with its respective perspectives and lenses. Even though the complexity and depth of the subjects extends far beyond the scope of this exhibition, and a fluid transitional phase is often difficult to crystalize or capture, nevertheless the exhibition introduces a unique insight into selected critical urban issues facing Hong Kong in the near future through interactive mixed media representations and visual essays, snapshots of this transformative moment in our city with focused themes on Hong Kong’s relationship with China, Sustainability, Climate Change, Technology and Energy / Resource Management.

Curatorial Team

Sarah Lee is a registered architect, curator and lecturer. Trained at the Bartlett School of Architecture, she is a co-founder of multi-disciplinary practice SKY YUTAKA which explores the intersection and interactions of landscape, architecture, art and research through a holistic and contextual approach toward placemaking and public engagement which inform the iterative process of collaborative design.

Hendrik Tieben is an architect and educator devoted to the design of inclusive and healthy cities. He currently serves as the Director of the School of Architecture at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). Since 2013, he has developed a series of placemaking and community projects in Hong Kong. In parallel, he has been engaged in various international networks, such the Urban Lab+, reflecting on urban environment education in the Global North and South, and the International Forum on Urbanism.

Yutaka Yano read Architecture at The Bartlett, University College of London. He is a recipient of the RIBA Bronze Medal and Serjeant Drawing prize and co-founder of award-winning practice SKY YUTAKA. Yano’s approach to architecture encompasses both design practice and academic research. He has been active in promoting design education through teaching engagements at School of Architecture, CUHK since 2011 and is currently pursuing his PhD research focusing on sustainable design practice in Asia during the era of climate change.


Transformative Hong Kong 港創未來

Collateral Event of the 18th International Architecture Exhibition - La Biennale di Venezia


20 May – 26 November 2023 (Open to public)


Campo della Tana, Castello 2126-30122 Venezia

Official Website




The Hong Kong Institute of Architects Biennale Foundation www.hkia.net

Hong Kong Arts Development Council www.hkadc.org.hk

The Hong Kong Institute of Architects (HKIA) www.hkia.net

Create Hong Kong of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region www.createhk.gov.hk


Coordination in Venice: PDG Arte Communications


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