Gonul Nuhoglu


Gönül Nuhoğlu

Turchia • Turkey

“And Justice and Reason flew back to the heavens Alas, now in their place, brigandage
Hatred, resentment, blood and carnage reigns.” Discours des misères de ce temps, Pierre de Ronsard

To be able to maintain the harmony he attributes to the world, the ruler of the established order must deem himself “reasonable” and his opposition “insane”. Since anyone envisaging the world, the universe some other way would pose a threat to his order. As long as the world is spinning and the powers are changing, the insane and the sane also change seats with one another. He who holds the power holds the right to be reasonable, while he who is frail is considered insane.

According to the environmental activists the rulers of the world, like madmen, rush towards their devastation. Yet if you ask the executives of the industrial world, the dreams of these vanguards who are possibly designing our path into the future are nothing but utter nonsense. In order to prove the contrary, the dissidents have to carry their dreams into power. And thus will begin the life of what they deem reasonable, a life that will only last until the establishment of another order.

Throughout history, this cycle remains unchanged. The insane swap places with the sane; and the sane with the insane. Our personal ambitions also lead us to reject other ways of reasoning and seeing. We straitjacket others lest they act foolishly. We cut the ground from under their feet lest they force themselves on our established order. And in our small kingdoms, where there are only moments between enthronement and dethronement, we create an army of fools, ourselves included, who can “go nowhere”.

Arda Yalkin