Picasso said that art washes away the dust of everyday life. This installation is a metaphor for the purifying and transformative essence of art. It depicts sound and music as a vehicle for the sacred union between the Masculine and the Feminine. This is expressed visually through the receptive circle of the Feminine and the phallic lingam of the red violin, penetrating the eternity of Time.
Prayer is a conceptual artwork, spanning 14 x 20 feet. While the visual aspects are emphasized through form, color and texture, the installation as a whole highlights the attributes of sound in its various aspects - words, thoughts, song, poetry, music, and prayer. In order to include other senses in experiencing this art piece, I add the vibration of music. I have selected a song called Mantra of Joy in which the voice of a young woman merges with the famous throat singing of Tibetan monks. This mantra is traditionally believed to renew, revitalize and rearrange everything for successful overcoming of obstacles. A CD player and amplifiers are hidden in the grass, so the viewer can experience the mystery of sound upon entering the installation.
In the middle of a circle formed by real violins in their open blue cases, stands the central sculptural piece of the red violin – the focal point of the installation. It is supported by a CD tower, which serves as a symbolic extension of what we have already learned from our ancestors. I deconstruct and rearrange the familiar classical shape of the violin, to give it a new dimension and a new meaning. It becomes the Self, torn by conflict and pain in its desire to create and to unite with the Universe as a great source of healing and inspiration. I am is formed by the vertical arrow of the red violin and the letter m on the ground. It is the Self that creates by remaining open, and vulnerable, and different. Grounded in the recorded knowledge of the past it is aiming to access the mystery of the unknown, striving to harmonize itself with an everexpanding force that weaves everything into one. It reaches up in order to unite the artistic will of the Self with the cosmic laws.
Layers of red are painted over the various sculptural components. Red is the color of life, vitality and courage. It is also the color of conflict. The frame around the violin alludes to visual art. Sculptural letters are added in order to express yet another dimension of sound. All this helps the newly found outlines of the violin to emerge.
This piece is a desire for breakthrough in a literal and figurative sense. It is my own breakthrough in survival, as well as the breaking-through of Art as a bold and healing spear rising out of earth to the above.
This is an installation-meditation, a visual prayer. It is a contemporary temple, dedicated to the Goddess. She nurtures and sustains us in our perpetual longing to grow, to be our best and to fully express the essence of who we are.
My intention for this art installation is to spread healing vibrations of prosperity and joy to its surroundings and to everyone who is exposed to it or participates in its realization.


Text by the Artist