Will was born in Boston, USA. He graduated from the philosophy department at Washington University in Saint Louis. Very few people like him majored in philosophy and grew then so obsessed by art. He does not take a regular way to paint and make art. For him, painting is the expression of soul and not the definition of painting itself. Will seems to go back into the primitive art cave, refusing the common definition and the object of comparison. He creates his own art in his ego world. From his paintings we see him, a lone sole dancer.

On the other hand, the philosopher Will has been living a drifting life. He sought his cultural roots in Portugal, his mother’s birthplace and in Scotland, his father’s homeland. Now he is my neighbour in China, an artist, living a very simple life, eating rice and broccoli, and creating artworks based on his hard work. Due to his uncompromising manner. Will’s dignity reminds me of Mr. Gustave Courbet’s saying, “I hope my art can support my life, but I cannot deviate from my principals and against my conscience. I never paint any artworks for pleasing someone’s commercial need”. To Will, art is the faith of religion which let him see the light during his hard trekking.


Text by He Gong